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Class Name: Regents Physics
Teacher: Artur Wala
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Due: 6/30/2012
AMSCO answer key
Due: 6/30/2012
Example of a really good Power Point presentation
Due: 1/11/2012
Review materials for Work/Power/Energy/Conservation
Due: 12/17/2011
Review problems for Monday test "Circular motion" and "Gravity"
Due: 12/6/2011
Review material for the test Momentum-Impulse-Conservation
Due: 11/22/2011
Review materials for the test :Inertia, 2nd & 3rd Newton's law , friction and inclined plane.
Due: 10/30/2011
Projectile motion review and homework problems
Due: 10/11/2011
Review materials for velocity/acceleration test.
Due: 9/20/2011
Review material for the test

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